5Linx Review – Another Telecom MLM?

By: Brandon Koon | Posted on Dec 8, 2009
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One of the quickest growing industries in this scientifically dependent world is telecomms.

This four hundred bill dollar per year industry is where most breakthroughs and potential success stories come from, among which the MLM industry has additionally seen so much also. One of those success stories of MLM selling applied to telecommunication services is 5Linx, a company which has begun to wake everyone up and shape things up in the MLM-technology bid for selling supremacy. With a variety of services that enclose cellular communicating services, satellite T. V service, and its latest accessory of VoIP service, 5Linx has gained reputation of being one of the quickest growing corporations as early as 2006. This quantum leap forward in their promotional strategy has been backed up by its distributor force and a mixture of strategic promoting plan provided to customers and members. Incorporating a very well packed solutions supplier for communication, it hopes to be the 1 stop shop for all possible telecommunication products, as well as services. Continue Reading