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Ardyss International

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ArdyssLife, How Body Magic System and Levive Change Your Outlook On Life

By: Lawrence Tam | Posted on Apr 22, 2010

Ardyss International Inc was formed by a Mexican couple later on the whole family was indulged in the garment and fitness sector providing the best innovative products in the market, the company solely by process has its full pledge development only in the year 1990. this was developed in Mexico at the beginning but had its sector branches in Mexico and later in other states of America too. This company had basically indulged in the business of garment section and later it diversified in to cosmetic., personal care, nutrition and reshaping divisions too. Continue Reading

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Ardyss International Review, Body Magic To Your Wallet

By: Tracey Walker | Posted on Dec 21, 2009


The internet marketing company with the most unusual product ‘The Body Magic’- is how Ardyss International is more usually recognized.

The product is a slimming product attempted, tested and proved by women all around the world. Backed by a competent business plan, the saleability of the product makes sure the pay back of the investment in a brief period of time. Apart from that, the company boasts of having the planet’s top 5 antioxidant-producing super fruits concentrated in one bottle : Pomegranate, Goji, Acai Berry, Noni, and Mangosteen. Except for that it also sells the regular fitness and beauty products. Ardyss History Ardyss started in the second part of 1989, but in a comparatively short span of twenty years, it became the premiere seller of slimming products. It also provides scores of folk around the planet with fantastic business ventures. To accommodate more folk in their quick-growing network, Ardyss moved its HQ to Vegas in the year 2007. It also modified from a direct sales model to an internet marketing enterprize model. Continue Reading

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Ardyss International Review: Body Shaping And More

By: Brandon Koon | Posted on Dec 11, 2009

One or two companies today fuse the postulate of offering top quality products and services, along with offering business ventures to prepared people.

Ardyss International is one MLM or multilevel selling company that concentrates on the health and wellness industry.

It has changed radically from following a direct sales model to an internet marketing business structure. As a consequence masses of people all over the world are now some of it. Ardyss International is a company which commenced in Mexico in 1989. It now offers one or two new opportunities under the control of its founder, the Diaz de Leon Family. In May 2007, Ardyss moved the company base to Nevada. Continue Reading