CieAura Review: Holographic Ready For Traditional MLM?

By: Ket-Sang Tai | Posted on Jan 24, 2010

We live today the absurdity of a 21st century in turns obsessive about science and exotic faiths and / or techniques of living. While the MLM business is packed with medicare products and methods, it was only foreseeable that one of them ( for a start ) would try and use the paradoxical obsession we live.

This is how came to be a product that would appears in turns Sci-Fi, health-inducing and based on an esoteric perception of human body. Allegedly, this should be how and why CieAura appeared and might even catch the general public.

The Corporation has been about since October 24th 2009, but has only had its soft or pre launch at that date. They have prepared the official launch for 18-20th of March 2010, but meanwhile they’re running with 3 different locations for their offices : Glendale, CA, Vegas, NV, Suwanee, GA.

Taking a look at it, the official launch they’re planning will definitely be an excellent chance to party, shake hands, do some coaching courses and set a good spirit, though not an honest to goodness start. The founder and Boss , Ken Rasner, is part owner and President of Harmonic FM, LLC. That is, naturally, the company that manufactures CieAura transparent holographic chips. Truth being announced, he has won his master’s degrees in administration and music, has a good experience with social marketing firms and is the writer of a few internet promotion and private improvement books. The president Randy Mitchell, has twenty-two years of company experience and was formerly founder and Boss of 2 other MLM corporations. Selling Director Marie Ia Jimenez has a pretty nice Selling experience it appears, aside from her prior career as a parenting talkshow host. Continue Reading