iLearningGlobal Review, Educating The Masses

By: David Wood | Posted on Dec 21, 2009

So what’s iLearningGlobal? iLearningGlobal is a MLM company that streamlines pro expansion, by giving you twenty-four / seven access to the best minds in private development using Hi-D TV, much like you would see on the sites for major TV networks such as NBC or ABC. Instead of having to take an hour out of your morning, the trainers on iLearningGlobal have damaged all the info down into little, digestible fifteen minute hunks, so that anybody can have some time to boost their life.

Top selling writers, pro speakers, and hoards of top making MLM pros have banded together to supply the BEST business education that I have seen in my adult existence ( and I spend about $20,000 a year on professional expansion ). Why is iLearningGlobal unique in the world of Network Marketing? iLearningGlobal is a different kind of company plain and straightforward. In a world saturated with juice products, vitamins, travel firms, and fourteen thousand other ‘me too’ offers, there’s little that vaguely resembles iLearningGlobal. So that the first characteristic that it has is it is completely unique, with no competition . This year, I have been approached by a couple of hundred MLM corporations, all launching with a ‘hot new X’, and nearly a hundred percent of them are pure hype machines that are going to fall to pieces in a year and a half. Continue Reading