NarcThatCar Review, The Business Of License Plates

By: Lawrence Tam | Posted on May 3, 2010

NarcThatCar MLM Opportunity

An MLM opportunity is a great way to generate income working from home. But it’s important to find the right network marketing business to deal in. NarcThatCar is the latest business to join the thriving network marketing world and claims to offer an effortless way to make money. Distributors assert that you can make easy money by just narcing a few cars each month; but are these claims true? This review is to check out the facts of the MLM for you.

An Intro To NarcThatCar

The MLM enterprise was founded by William Forrester who dreamt of a collection of mapped license plates that would help financial institutions locate vehicles placed under lien. Narc Technologies is based at Dallas and was officially launched in 2009. The founder hit on the idea of achieving his database through a network of representatives who formed an expanding chain. The company makes money by selling details of narced cars to agencies that want to repossess such vehicles. Continue Reading