Reliv International Review: Healthy And Financially Free?

By: Brandon Koon | Posted on Jan 14, 2010

Reliv International is a nutritive product and promotion company based in Chesterfield, Missouri.

Its founders, Robert and Sandy Montgomery, constructed an enterprize model based mostly on the nutritive products designed Dr. Theodore Kalogris. The firm’s mission is to nourish the globe. In 1988, they commenced their distributor network which now numbers in the thousands. Reliv owns 5 nutritive patents with more about the way. Its operations span over fourteen states and is intending to expand through Europe and Far East. The firm’s success has lead it to hover its shares on Naz under the ticker RELV. It’s been featured in Business Week and Forbes as among the best and high expansion little corporations. Reliv’s business model is based off product sales less distributor costs. Continue Reading