Trivani International Review, Does Charity And Money Mix?

By: Brandon Koon | Posted on Jan 19, 2010
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As an MLM company, operating globally Trivani Global is split into 2 parts. They’re a non-profit foundation and a for-profit company which was set up by Leslie Dee Ann and her boy Bob, in 2007. It’s involved in numerous humanitarian projects as well as built to supply a money-making venture thru distributorships. As with any company offering distributorships, one wishes to do research into the good points and bad points before making a commitment which could financially impact one’s way of life. It is said that the company was set up with the concept of promoting health and wellness products and using some of the profits for humanitarian causes internationally. These causes have included college construction loans, reforestation in Australia and Brazil, and other needy relief projects. their internet site fails to bare where donations have been made or for how much. It is said that their company is set up on humanitarian projects, making good and safe products for sale and providing the possibility for distributors to achieve success. Continue Reading