Vemma Review| Verve Juice Business

By: Kenny Gregg | Posted on Dec 19, 2009


Currently, you may notice that there’s been a giant buzz in the internet promotion industry relating to Vemma Business. As a pacesetter in this industry I chose to do a little inquiry of my very own. Now you no doubt wondering with so many new social marketing firms coming into the scene what makes Vemma special it is worthwhile. Well lets do precisely letting discover if it’s a real business or is this just all hype? Vemma was set up by BK Boreyko and was brought to the forefront by him and the parent corporation New Vision, also a frontrunner in the health and wellness. Its main product features a liquid antioxidant found in the Mangosteen fruit that may be a good source of minerals with decaffeinated organic green teas as well as organic glyco nutrient-rich Aloe Vera. The liquid product forms the center of their nutritive program. Continue Reading