Ask T. Harv Eker About Attraction Marketing

By: Brian Fanale | Posted on Dec 12, 2009

Well, is this law fit and healthy today??? You tell me… 4.5 years back I used to be a totally bust, in debt musician / barkeeper who had just graduated varsity. And then I “attracted ” this industry and began to learn a couple of things. One of the largest ideas I had no idea about was this “Law of Attraction. ” I truthfully failed to actually trust in all this crap initially… You might build your own future, you could attract whatever you wanted… Yah yah, I had heard this before but never truly paid any attention to it and I definitely never studied or implemented it. All of that modified swiftly. You see, I was making less than $2,000 a month with my job and I despairingly wished to pursue a music career. I also had gigantic goals and massive plans for the future, but no end visible. When I found this industry I was totally open and ready to learn anything ANYBODY would teach me about being successful. I definitely failed to have anything worked out nor did I know anything about changing into a millionaire. So I was a sponge. Continue Reading