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Lawrence Tam

I am definitely an ordinary guy looking to make it on the internet. If I can do it anyone can.

The sole difference between me and the following network marketer is that I began learning and applying everything I got my hands on. I attempted such a large amount of different methods to make some additional earnings while working full time. Surveys, sweepstakes, typing at home, ebay selling, affiliate selling, search site gifts. You mention it I joined it or looked into it. I haven’t any selling or business background when I initially began out online in 2006. I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the College of Texas at Austin back in two thousand. My engineering degree did help me in several sides of my business but zilch to prepare me in the most significant. To go back in 2006 when I started looking I am not going to claim I just awakened one day and just knew. Nope. I wrestled with this. The majority I knew were in the business field or engineering field. Internet marketing was scowled on as a method of creating income.

Many have been approached by some chums or cornered into listening to a show. The bulk of it just did not sound correct till I was presented with an impossible to resist offer. With years of coaching and thousands of greenbacks in education later on I’ve been ready to generate over 1500 and leads in a month all working the business part-time. I don’t chase folk down but build myself online as a reference point for those that need to start to learn.

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Dr. Ket-Sang Tai

Ket-Sang Tai is a medical practitioner turned promoting magician. He could be a top achiever in his educational and pro life. Galvanized by the power of web and his eagerness in helping people achieving their total potential and their dream lives, he turned to internet promotion and online marketing. From a total beginner twelve months back, he has turned himself into a very regarded top web marketer in the world.

He could be a top producer in the Net promotional technique he’s promoting, achieving better result than many who’ve been in the business for much longer than him. He’s often called the “lead generation machine ” by his fellow marketeers. Also he is a mad recruiter in his first MLM business. From Pay per click to blogging to social media, Ket-Sang Tai has it all.

He’s the entire package. He doesn’t trust in specialising in one special area because online marketing is a developing business and a strategy which works today may not work in some weeks time. Integrating different selling techniques to form a synergy is his strength.

David Wood

David Wood has been concerned in the MLM industry for over 7 years, and has consulted more than five thousand distributors in more than 20 states. More lately, after the breakdown of an existing company, he had less than $200 to his name when he started his online MLM business, and in a three 0.5 month period, he generated more than 5,500 leads, co-created and launched the internet’s one content promotional product ‘Viral Content Wizardry ‘, became the one recruiter in his MLM company, and made more than $80,000 in commissions thru using a singular promoting strategy a broke one-legged dog could master if he just took some time to bark his way thru ‘Viral Content Wizardry ‘. David is a pro in bum marketing, content syndication, display psychology, sponsoring, prospecting, and inducement. He’s free for training in his area of speciality to certain people with a passionate need to prosper. Learn more by going to his blog at :

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Who Is The StoneCold Millionaire Larry Beacham?

Larry Beacham is the genuine “Larry The Wire Guy”. For at least 5 years of his life, Larry may be found installing wire services in residential centers, working six days per week, putting in 60+ hours. Having never done anything online related to promoting, the concept of building an internet marketing business using the Net ( i.e. Cutting videos, article promotion, PPC, for example. ) was a really frightening thought. But Larry’s coach inspired him to put aside his fears, trust the system, and the rest would work itself out. Hence on March fifth, 2009, Larry started on his journey as a Web ( based ) network marketer. Read Full Bio

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Brandon Koon

Brandon Koon is an entrepreneur and started his first business at the age of sixteen. He has owned multiple enterprises in different industries including ; grass care, telecomms, payphones, property investing and most lately the web / internet marketing industry. Read Full Bio

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Scott Marvin

I got raised in West Virginia and came from awfully unpretentious origins. My parents raised three youngsters in a small two bedroom home of the side of a hill. We did not have money for new vehicles or holidays and we did not have satellite TV or new garments but we used to be a close family. I was born with a passionate desire to succeed. I can recollect laying on the hillside at night staring up at the stars and dreaming about the achievements I might achieve in my life. I suspect having little sparked a drive and a passion inside me which has pushed me toward success. Nothing was going to prevent me from succeeding. I was determined even as a tiny kid and declined to accept failure. After working 2 roles to put myself thru varsity I entered the pro world. My first job out of varsity was selling new houses for a local home builder. Boy was I green but I learned quickly the art of selling particularly such a high-ticket item. I shortly became one of the top sales reps in the company and was making incredible cash. Read Full Bio

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Brian Fanale

As well as realizing what a day in the life of a doctor would actually be like, I was not quite prepared to give in on my dream about turning into a pro musician. Deciding against company America was basically an easy decision for me because family, mates and way of living are of my highest concerns. I also knew that I needed to be 100 percent in charge of my time, my earnings, and my life. So I put my degree in a pleasant small frame and hung it on my wall and it has been there ever since ( a pretty pricey framed bit of paper if you ask me ) ; ) it did not really go as planned. But here’s the catch after around ten months of 50+ hr weeks bartending and following a music career I had saved $2,000. $2,000 in ten months! That is far below the misery line at this rate by the point I was forty I’d have about $34,000 to my name if no costs came up! I knew it was time to change and I actually wasn’t prepared to give in on my dream about changing into a pro musician giving up isn’t in my DNA and that was not an option. So I did what any kid would do went to the internet! It was on that one fateful day in March of 2005. Read Full Bio

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Jim Chao

Some calls him the “Child Prodigy”, Jim climbed his way to the top percentile in takings in the internet promotion industry at the age of twenty-two. Nonetheless it was not always that way. Jim knows the agony of struggle in the internet promotion industry as he once pawned his dear guitar collectables so as to fund his business. On discovering and achieving mastery of the usage of the Net, Jim has gone from nearly bankrupt to earning as much as $21,208 in a single week at the age of twenty-two. Crowds of people around the globe contact him each month in search for his extraordinary promoting ability.

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Kenny Gregg

Kenny Gregg – In October 1993 Kenny started his internet marketing Career after a miscarried business he made a decision to follow another avenue and that’s where his social marketing career started, and in his first year in business he was in a position to sponsor over three hundred people into his team using normal social marketing strategies, and his group and team was manufacturing over 160k every month in volume, he went on to build that to great heights and had many years of multiple six figures each month and great success. Kenny made a decision to take a little bit of recess for one or two years. He went into the Mortgage promoting always having a little bit of an enthusiasm for property and enjoyed a great ride for approximately five years and then after the mortgage market started to say no in 2006-2007, Kenny decided it was time to move into the home run enterprise arena and social marketing with an eagerness again. Read Full Bio

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Tracey Walker

Tracey Walker is an expert web Network Marketer and Coach. In just a bit over 12 months online, she turned into a leading force in the MLM coaching industry and is a top lead producer and revenue earner in the one Attraction promotion technique in the world for social marketers, MLM Lead System Pro. Before joining the work at home business arena, Tracey was a very influencial and successful property financier specializing in pre-foreclosures and negotiating short sales. It was actually the recession in the market that was the catalyst in her being exposed to and collaborating in the social marketing industry. Read Full Bio

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