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Hands On With Magnetic Sponsoring

By: Lawrence Tam | Posted on Apr 22, 2010

How does a system really include all of that for such a minimal investment and also not ask for a repeated fee? Isn’t there an on going charge to keep up the changes and tracking for your leads? Does Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring system really perform?

I believe I know the reasoning to why this training course gives so much content for so little. It’s called “Give before want”.

One of the central fundamentals of the course is to share and give not wanting anything. Show that you can help people without suggesting getting something back. This totally shook my world. Goodies in this course actually teaches their people to give to those needig help. Pass knowledge and grow marketers before looking to make a sale. People are not bags of money.

This shook me and didn’t really take hold until I finished the training 2 days after opening it.

Then the next question is: Is it hype? I can respond only to this by saying:

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MLM Business Opportunities And The Sad Truth

By: Scott Marvin | Posted on Dec 6, 2009
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The one issue with the network promoting industry is folks buy on emotion and then are left stuck with no practical means to build their business the general public don’t enter an internet promotion business with the needed selling experience to provide MLM leads week after week and day to day. The mass of prospects often attend a break meeting where they’re emotionally mesmerized by a smooth speaker who has achieved great fulfillment in his business. One or two affidavits are produced and after and hour of brainwashing the new prospect is led back to their MLM sponsor with buck signs rolling around in their head oftentimes hot and prepared to join the business. Continue Reading