Hands On With Magnetic Sponsoring

How does a system really include all of that for such a minimal investment and also not ask for a repeated fee? Isn’t there an on going charge to keep up the changes and tracking for your leads? Does Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring system really perform?

I believe I know the reasoning to why this training course gives so much content for so little. It’s called “Give before want”.

One of the central fundamentals of the course is to share and give not wanting anything. Show that you can help people without suggesting getting something back. This totally shook my world. Goodies in this course actually teaches their people to give to those needig help. Pass knowledge and grow marketers before looking to make a sale. People are not bags of money.

This shook me and didn’t really take hold until I finished the training 2 days after opening it.

Then the next question is: Is it hype? I can respond only to this by saying:


Why maybe? Well, I would like to relate this to someone buying a sports vehicle. The sports vehicle is capable of high speeds and a fun ride. Put this in the hands of someone who can’t drive or drives 20 mph under the limit really puts things into perspective.

The great indicator of a person being able to succeed using Magnetic Sponsoring system falls entirely on his or her own shoulders. An accomplished student of magnetic sponsoring will continue to learn.

A real student of Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring course will understand the need to turn into the Leader. In doing so, the successful network marketer realizes the entire teaching of attraction marketing is to situate them for explosive growth which means the STUDENT MUST be the INITIAL contact. Only until all traffic are first placed into to the marketer will there be successful branding. If all the prospects goes to the Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring squeeze page where does that leave the marketer?

Still a student of course.

Elevate into a –> LEADER!

Study the free 7 day video boot camp class. Jump into the printed manual. Soak in the additional information in the backoffice like How select a Domain Name – MLM Domain Secrets Ebook.

To take it up a notch the network marketer should build their OWN attraction marketing system and there is only 1 self branded marketing system based on Magnetic Sponsoring.

Engineering Your Success,
Lawrence Tam

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