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ACN Review: What Is It?

By: Brandon Koon | Posted on Dec 8, 2009

ACN is maybe the biggest direct seller in the world via telecommunication services, spanning practically each corner of the planet. Their products go from telephones and contraptions for telecommunication and services, as well as that of the web servicing.

Their main area of business operations are in Europe, North America, as well as the Far East Pacific area, with over twenty different country affiliations. With business illustriousness in the communication industry, their selling design has been proved to be very effective, with listing in numerous world markets, as well as a wide network of small company ventures linked and affiliated to their name. Having their most outstanding services and goods, this vet business saw its simple origins since the beginning of 1993, whereby 4 main founders established what’s now worldwide renowned for their influence and contribution to the world telecommunication industry. Backed up with some of the newest discoveries and technical discoveries related to their industry niche, ACN makes its presence known thru a state-of-the art network in which they supply some of the most vital components which make worldwide communication possible and very effective. Continue Reading

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ACN Review, High Tech Phones

By: Scott Marvin | Posted on Dec 6, 2009

ACN commenced in 1993 and has grown into the planet’s biggest direct selling telecomms company. Their products go from the ACN video telephone to wireless service and wireless telephone to long distance service. Their famous product is the ACN video telephone that permits users to attach via video and voice communication. ACN has jumped on the home run business bandwagon. They depend on the internet promotion model to plug and sell their products. Essentially their approach is to move their products thru a web of independent delegates who make sales by sharing the business and products with folk they know sometimes called their “Warm List ” of pals and family. This way of selling has thrust ACN to the front of the line in their industry. Continue Reading