Brian Fanale

By: Brian Fanale | Posted on Dec 8, 2009

As well as realizing what a day in the life of a doctor would actually be like, I was not quite prepared to give in on my dream about turning into a pro musician. Deciding against company America was basically an easy decision for me because family, mates and way of living are of my highest concerns. I also knew that I needed to be 100 percent in charge of my time, my earnings, and my life. So I put my degree in a pleasant small frame and hung it on my wall and it has been there ever since ( a pretty pricey framed bit of paper if you ask me ) ; ) it did not really go as planned. But here’s the catch after around ten months of 50+ hr weeks bartending and following a music career I had saved $2,000. $2,000 in ten months! That is far below the misery line at this rate by the point I was forty I’d have about $34,000 to my name if no costs came up! I knew it was time to change and I actually wasn’t prepared to give in on my dream about changing into a pro musician giving up isn’t in my DNA and that was not an option. So I did what any kid would do went to the internet! It was on that one fateful day in March of 2005. Continue Reading