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Quality MLM Leads That Convert

By: Scott Marvin | Posted on Jan 17, 2010

MLM leads that convert are in great demand. This article is going to explain the difference between purchasing MLM leads that frequently produce small or no return and making quality laser centered MLM leads that convert crazily.

Untrustworthy Many social marketers buy MLM leads lists that are meant to provide fresh quality leads. There are advertisers all over the web alleging to provide the best leads. Sadly many of those so called fresh quality MLM lead firms can not back up their claims. Recently one actual company was selling double opt-in leads. Double opt-in means the e-mail of the lead was validated to be a genuine email.

When running an e-mail campaign to this lead list it was found that up to 25 percent of the leads weren’t double opt-in and in truth were fake leads. Continue Reading

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You Really Buying Network Marketing Leads?

By: Brian Fanale | Posted on Dec 2, 2009

Why would you purchase network promoting leads? There’s no worth in purchasing network selling leads when you burn thru them you have learned nothing and you have gained no skill base. Most networkers need their new distributors to get leads in order that they can get comfy on the telephone and get over any fear about prospecting.

I 100% disagree with this idea Why? Because if you have everĀ  bought social marketing leads or opportunity leads, you know first hand that 99% of them are tire kickers and have no business looking into any sort of entrepreneurial undertaking. Continue Reading