Part Time Network Marketing Business

By: Jim Chao | Posted on Dec 4, 2009

Over the year just gone, so many start up entrepreneurs asked me the question I’m employed full time now, am I able to run this internet marketing thing part time? So I ultimately made a decision to make this post and answer that question really bluntly. And my reply would be both maybe. Let me explain… As a businessman, you aren’t getting paid by the point you put in your business. Irrespective of what industry you are in, entrepreneurs only get paid by production. No Result = No Dinnero What I see most beginners in the social marketing industry do is that they treat their business like their jobs. They might put in the hours, weeks later they do not witness the results and they might call the programme a sting because it did not pay them. Business isn’t a job. And if one wishes swift part-time revenue, go out there and find a part-time job! Your business isn’t paying you till you can make it worthwhile. It is really tricky to make your business grow if you’re treating your business as a part-time past-time psychologically. Continue Reading