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Using Phoneburner can make calling prospects more efficient

By: Lawrence Tam | Posted on Feb 12, 2011

If you’re involved in the MLM business, you may have seen a service called Phoneburner and wondered what it is all about and whether it can actually do something useful for you. This is definitely a valid question. Part of running a home based business involves finding the necessary tools to make your daily operations more efficient and productive. Phoneburner is a service that might just do that.


The multi level marketing business involves talking to prospects on the phone. Whether you like it or not, this is a part of the business and if you want to earn the maximum amount of money possible you would need to spend some time on the phone. And we all know what a tedious task this can get sometimes. Wouldn’t you like to have access to a tool that can make this a bit easier for you?

PhoneBurner – Easier With Than Without?

Sure, calling a few people each day may not seem like that much of a big deal. It can actually be an enjoyable experience to talk to interested people and explain to them what your business is all about. But as soon as you start receiving a bigger amount of prospects each day, this is when things can get a bit more complicated. And it is also where using a service such as Phoneburner can prove to be a great help.

Part of calling a large list of prospects means that you will probably experience all of the following: disconnected/invalid numbers, busy lines, people asking you to call them later and answering machines. Phoneburner can handle all of that. It basically dials the phone numbers from a loaded list for you. It is then able to automatically remove bad numbers, reschedule calls and even leave a prerecorded message on an answering machine.

PhoneBurner – The Best Option?

In order to help you interact with your leads better, Phoneburner can also help you by sending an initial email to them as well. All of these features will significantly reduce the amount of wasted time on the phone and increase your productivity while you call your leads. But one of the downsides of Phoneburner is that you will still be required to talk to your prospects on the phone by yourself. While it is a good product and suitable for many network marketers, there are some options that are slightly better than Phoneburner out there. For example, unlike Phoneburner, there are services which make use of a team of staff to make the first call to your prospects for you.


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Looking for a way to better manage your calls? Read this Phoneburner review

By: Lawrence Tam | Posted on Feb 11, 2011

Many network marketers are looking for a Phoneburner review that will give them the information they need in order to make a decision as to whether or not this service is something that will be useful for their business. After all, as a network marketer, you probably have enough work to do and don’t want to waste time and money trying out services that might not be what you expected. This Phoneburner review is there to present to you some of the main features of this service that make it quite attractive to some people.

PhoneBurner Review

First, you need to understand what Phoneburner actually is. Simply put, it is a dialer which will call phone numbers automatically for you. You know how tiring it can get to constantly have to look at your list, find the number and then dial it in order to get in touch with the prospect. An automated dialer eliminates that part and dials numbers automatically from a list, one after the other. It also allows you to schedule calls at a certain time. Since any lead list will have some invalid or disconnected numbers in it, the dialer will automatically remove these from your list so that you don’t have to waste time calling them again.

PhoneBurner Review – Functionality

However, the way it functions is quite different from many other dialer solutions out on the market today. It doesn’t require you to install any software on your computer, as the interface is entirely web based. Rather than being placed by using your computer, the calls are made by dialing into an access number and clicking a button on their site. This means you don’t have to buy a headset that plugs in your computer to make it work. It also makes things much more convenient for you if you are traveling and need to make some phone calls while away from home.

PhoneBurner Review – Price

No Phoneburner review would be complete without information on their plans. Phone burner has two available: an unlimited plan for $149 a month and one with 7.5 hours of usage for $67.50 per month. You also get a free 15 day trial for first time users. Phoneburner is a good product if you have a decent amount of leads to call, but you will still need to spend hours on the phone each day if you have quite a long list. There are some products out there which can automate more tasks than what was mentioned in this Phoneburner review.

Phoneburner review

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Myphoneroom vs Phoneburner: Which is better for me?

By: Lawrence Tam | Posted on Feb 9, 2011

There are quite a few products on the internet which can help network marketers phone prospects, with Myphoneroom and Phoneburner being the most popular; therefore a comparison of Myphoneroom vs Phoneburner would be quite helpful to many of you. The first thing that you would need to consider when choosing a solution that would make it easy for you to call your prospects is what your needs are. This would allow you to make a better decision when considering a choice between Myphoneroom vs Phoneburner.

Myphoneroom vs Phoneburner

A few important things to consider are: how many prospects do you expect to call daily, how much time will you need to spend on the phone each day and whether you actually have the time to talk to new leads on the phone. This is because both services work differently and therefore will appeal to a different crowd of network marketers.

Myphoneroom vs Phoneburner – Phoneburner Hands On

Let’s start with Phoneburner. It is an innovative dialer solution which lets you automate the calling process. It uses a web based interface to load and manage the calling list for you. It then dials the numbers for you. One good advantage about this product is that all you need is a phone and a computer with an internet connection. No special equipment or skills are required to use it.

Myphoneroom vs Phoneburner – MyPhoneRoom Full Service

Myphoneroom takes things a bit further in terms of functionality. Rather than being a simple dialer, it is a service that allows you to have professional and dedicated staff place the first call to your prospects. This can save you a huge amount of time. How? Many people who fill out the lead form on your site are either not ready or do not have what it takes to join your business. Obviously, talking to them will prove to be a huge drain on your time. Myphoneroom will weed out unproductive leads and forward the calls of those who are “hot” and ready to join to you, as these are the leads you need to focus your attention on.

As you can see, Myphoneroom gives you a unique service by having professional call center staff at your disposal in order to actually place the phone calls for you. When you consider making a choice between Myphoneroom vs Phoneburner, remember that Myphoneroom will cut down on the amount of time you spend talking to your prospects much more than any kind of dialer system ever could.

MyPhoneRoom vs phoneburner

MyPhoneRoom vs phoneburner